Please before you buy a puppy read up on puppy mills and Brokers on my links page.
There also are lots of other links to read too.
Make sure you find yourself a breeder you can trust ,I Know this is hard. You are not just buying a puppy you should be getting
a good breeder in on the cost.
I just know of many bad breeder and you should try to look out for them.
If they do not have all the vet papers that are need or all the paper work in, because if they don't have everything then you may
never get it.
Make sure the mom, dad and all puppies look well, ask if you can call people whom have puppys from pasted littlers.
A good breeder would love for you to call their vet , and love to tell you everything about all their dogs.
Our vet is Three Notch Vet they are in Hollywood MD and the phone number is 301-373-8633.

Please read these yorkie care buttons
Hello My name is Lynda Montgomery and these are our
babies, yes I said ours..I had these babys right along
with our mommys
Our puppys get lots of love, and
are very happy and well
adjusted because of all the love
they get from us and the
daycare children.
Buy the time they leave our
home to yours they are running
all over our home and eatting
No puppy will leave till I think
it is ready to go.
Based on his or her weight, size,
how well they play with others.
This is Nicky getting chewwed out, by one of the babys.............LOL
Our babies start their little
lives in our bed with us. They
sleep in a round cat bed, for
about 4 days in bed with us.
After that time they stay in
our bedroom till they are 4
weeks old.
Then are moved to my
office/doggy room so they can
play with everyone.
Ever pup has a gift pack
that will
go with them to their
new forever home.
My 25 years as a breeder has
tought me a lot. I started out
with cockers and moved
in to yorkies then to maltese as
My 7 years as a EMT and 6
years with the red cross
helped as well
I do daycare so I'm home
with my babys all the time,
and I really love it..

The babys get so much love
from all the children. The
babys and the children both
learn alot.

The children are a big help
to me and the babys.
The older children
sometimes get to help with
the brith.

and all the children help
all the doggys and babies
Yes I'm sure you can find yorkie puppies at a low cost, but you ready do get what you pay for, so choose wisely. I would never buy a dog
strictly on the price, price can become a limiting factor, but it should not be the deciding factor in buying a puppy. A yorkie that cost less
now may save you initial expense but will cost more in vet bills later. We looked a very long time to find a yorkie that look like a yorkies,
had quality and came with a health guarantee., and yes we paid more for them and I was very glad we did.

To have a nice healthy puppy you must start with a good healthy mom and dad, this job goes on all year round. These pups are only
4oz at birth and must be checked on alot and the moms need just as much care to keep their health good as they care for the pups.
You can lose a mommy and the puppies so easy at this time. For 9 weeks these mom carrys their pups and need just the right foods
to do so. I cook meats, eggs, rice for my mommys I do not cut any corners to save money. The fisrt thing I want to know when I hear of
yorkie are maltese being sold at a very low cost is what corners did this breeder take to save money to sell puppies so cheap.
Any good breeder would think the same thing, has this pup been seen to the vet, did it get shots and wormed, what kind of food did it
get, was it given all it needed, is the mom healthy. I know what all this care cost me ,so how do people sell yorkies or maltese so cheap?
Could be they have never seen a vet never had shots never checked for worms, could be using very cheap food and very little of it.
Could be the puppies are sick and the breeder knows so, but just wants to make fast money. This is what we would call a puppy mill
let me put it this way would you want a fine glass of this                        or this

I take pride in the care I give my dogs and puppies and I pass this onto the new parents of my pups
I guess its all in what you are looking for in a yorkies, its easy to find something some people would call a yorkies,
but as myself I want it all....

I can not tell you all my yorkies will be tiny, mine run from 4 pounds to 6 pounds. By the time they are 6 weeks old
I can then tell what size they will be. Sometimes when a pup is born it is so tiny you just know it will be a very small baby.
Any breeder that says they know their pups will all be tiny may not know as much as
they think they do. I can't tell you for sure what colors mine will be, and most breeder can't.
It just like having children, do you know for sure who it will take after ? It could take after grandmoms side of the family.
I put this on here because I see on so many site where the dog is not the only one in the family who has a long tail !

Please remember this is a yorkie and maltese site, not the lets make a deal.

We come with a
Health Guarantee
Your not just looking a
puppies here, you are looking
at a life time
of love.

A puppy will be the best friend
you will ever have.