I have 47 champions in
5 generations
My AKC line constist of
Trivar's, Wissfire's
Raabbe's, Caraneal's
Crown Royal's, Glenmere's
and Thluka.
Here are some of my baby pictures
and this me at 6 mouths old
Please do not steal my page, mommy made it for me
I just love to eat, I love all kinds of food even veggys
Mom and dad call me little rag doll, I think it because
I love for someone to carry me like a rag doll
And boy do I love water, if daddy gets the
hose out I just come running...
I take 2 napps aday now, I get so
sleepy from running and playing with
my new sisters. We run outside alot,
then back inside and maybe outside
again..I just love that doggy door
Mom and Dad say I'm the worlds only $4800
I love that snow stuff, I played in it with
my sisters. I was so scared of it , then I
saw everyone playing in it. I tryed to lick
it in the air, we had snow balls all over
us.. what fun we had
Boomer and Krystal are my half brother
and sister. you can go see their pages
after you are done looking at me !
This is a picture of my father, the lady that has my
mother has never sent pictures sorry
Mariah dose now stand for pictures, so all hers are sitting are laying down..........lol