Yep this is me, I'm only
6 weeks old  .I look just
like my mother.
My AKC line consist of  
Trivar, Rothby's, Clarkwyn's,
Bow bells, Jentre, Primrose,
Tammashann,  Royal
Crowns, and Thulka.
I have 50 champions in 5
This is my brother Boomer and I, we
are 10 weeks old in this picture
this is me, mom has to run
me down to get pictures. I'm
just to busy to stop for them.
I'm 24 weeks old here
and weight 3 pounds
I'm just like my mommy,I do
everything just like my mommy
Boomer and I like to play king of daddy
I'm 5 months old here and weight 5 pounds, I look alot like
my mother in the face, but I have hair like my sisiter Mariah
This is my mother Harlea you can see
more of her by clicking on her
This is my father his name is Adam
Krystal is all grown up now