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I'm still working on this page, its going
to take me a long time, I can only stand
to work it for a short time.
Jinger passed away in my arms on 1/11/09.
She was my baby in everyway.
She would sleep on my pillow with me. I think to her I was her baby.
She would wash my hair every night.We would play games with her
feet, she didn't like anyone touching her feet but me.
If you blow into her face she would dance around the bed, then come
push her face to your lips and wait for you to go puff and dance
around again.
A peace of my heart went
with her.
I find it hard to make it
one day with out looking
for her to be under my
feet. Or one day without
a tear falling down my
My love for my dogs runs deep..
I really feel as if I lost my child
She was the first one to the door when I would come
home, and was not happy till I picked her up.
I was not Jingers teacher, she was
I know that more now then ever
Jinger gave more love in one day then most
people will ever learn to give in a life time.
I was the luckest person in the world
to have her love me.
What I would not give for just one
more day.
I always thought my dogs needed me,
but now I know its me that need them.
This is the last picture takin of Jinger with her son Buddy. Buddy is as big as he will get at
a pound and a half. Buddy has a heart mummer and will live here with us forever.