Clowie is 16 weeks old here
Clowies first day in our home
Clowie and Zeus playing
There are lots of sketical yorkie breeders that don't think Parti color yorkies are yorkies, but they are AKC parti color yorkies.
Many years ago when a parti color yorkie was born or a yorkie with to much white was on it, it was killed
Much like the dictators did in the 1800 to handicapped children.
I'm a dog person and I think they all have to right to live and have the right to be loved no matter what color or what size they
Clowie is a lady now she will be having puppies soon we hope
My name is Clowie with color. My friend Mistys pictures are at
the bottom
Misty is a parti color carrie, that means she is half parti yorkie and half standed color yorkies. She will have a litter with both in it.
As soon as I get a picture of
Misty with her ears up you
will see it here..