Two of my baby pictures
and I'm very proud to show you my
Mommy, aunt Teaa and my Daddy
This is my sister Paris and I
going down for a nap with
Paris and I have the same
Brea and I played snow dog
one day I think Brea won
I'm only a half year old here
I have 37 champions in 5
I love to run and jump on anyone sleeping.
If one of my sisters have something and I want it I
just run by and take it, Mom calls this a fly by
My champion  line consist of
Jentres, Clarkwyn, Rothby, Glenmar,
Dot's, Peppertree, Stardust, Denaire,
Tlc's, Carmate's, Finstal Royal, and
I bet you have never seen a yorkie
with these colors before !