I'm only 9 weeks old here
here I'm 24 weeks old
Mom let Nicky and I
play in the snow for
a little bit and we
loved it
I'm almost a year old and loving
I very bossy and love to play out

Nicky and I go swimming with
mommy sometime.

I like the pool alot more then
Nicky dose
well I'm a year old now and look so
much like my daddy
This is my daddy champion Tiffanys
Hez a Gem
I have 41 champions
in 5 generations
My champion AKC
line consist of
Tiffanys, Mayfair,
Clarkwyn, Jentres,
Lively's, and
I really like playing with the daycare kids
Please do not steal my work
This is my name sake,
her name is Sabrina and
my name is Breana.

I like to play around the
pool with the kids.
This is my mommy her name is
I'm all big now, I weight 6 pounds
Brea and Chewy are playing a game of tag