This is our room that
Daddy made for us.
We have so much here to
             wrote by Gizmo
We have our own TV, mommy leaves
it on for us all night
              by Brea
Toy, lots of toys
              by Mariah
We even have kids to play with !

Our own sofa, sometime we let
others sit with us on it

           By Nicky
We always sleep on daddy !
   by Paris
Doggy doors are the greatest ever !
             By Laya
In the summer we can play all we want outside,
but in the winter we can only go out for a vert short time
                            By Chewy
This is where mommy washs us and dose our hair
                                  By Harlea
It napp time with mommy
We need to wash all faces after snack time
Love to make them holes to play in
Can you guess what Mairiah and Boomer have been doing ?
They have been playing pull my rubber band out of my
hair !