I get phone calls asking me why my maltese cost more then others they have seen in the
paper, well
the best way I can tell it is as if you had 2 glass of water to drink 1 came from the bay and
the other
was a bottle of spring water. What one would you want to drink from ?

My pups, their parents and greatgrandparents are all healthy and come from top of the line
The are not just any maltese, they are the best of the best.

The care the parents get here and care their babies get  is the best that can be given.

Because of times being so hard right now we have gone down in cost, but dog food, bottle
vitamins, shampoo, shots  and vet cost have not gone down they have gone up.

I don't know how some people can sell their pups for $500 or less, something would have to
be cut out to save them money to sell so cheep. These cuts I will not do and if you want a
puppy you would not want these things cut out ! you may pay $500 for that pup, but you will
pay much much more at the vet, because of what was cut out.
Charisma and Sly had 4 girls and 2 boys on 12/19/09.
Pictures will come as they get older..

the pick of the litter is going to my best friend Debby Hicks to be shown.
We have 1 female