What is a breeder ?
By Peggy Adamson of Yorkmont yorkshireterries
As a breeder I fell in love with this, so I just had to ask if I could put it on my site.
As I read it more and more it just seemed to be me.

I do give up alot for my babys, but I love them all so dearly. They are like my children not dogs
at all.
I buy them things they like and cook it for them, they really love those big soup bones the best
of all.

What do I think a good breeder is, I think it is everything in the poem and more.
Yes I know I have a lot of doggys, but we have the room and the love for them all . Having
daycare children around helps give all the doggys love and all the play time they could want.
Sounds like I only do daycare so the dogs will have someone to play with......lol...ssshhh don't tell.

I have seen some really bad breeders too, most just keep the dogs in kennels and breed every
heat. Selling the puppies to just any one, buying puppies from others and reselling at a highter
cost, and then there are some that sell the puppies sick.
So please take a good look at the breeder ask anything you want, don't wait, ask them before
you take the puppy home. No breeder knows it all, no one dose but a good breeder should know
their dogs and the puppies. If a beeder tells you their dog is AKC or CKC, but can't show you the
paper work A light should go off.

As for me,I know they need more then love, I learn more every day from them and they learn
I'm the boss..........LOL
They need to know the vet and the vet to know them, and she dose know them by name.
I could not put on this site what all they need, I just know I try my best and  give them each of
them all the love I can.
                                      I can only be the person my dogs think I'm.
Thanks for stopping by