My name is Lynda I have been married 33 years, I have 2 girls , 2
grandchildren and my doggys.
I guess you could say I have been working with dogs most of my life. I grow up
on a farm and
living on a farm there was always babys of some kind  around. If my life would
have gone the way I wanted I would have been a vet. But I became a mommy
first and started doing daycare and have been doing this for 23 years now .At
one time we raised Cocker spaniel for about 15 years then my Rosco pasted
away so I just about died with him, I didn't think I could love a doggy that
much again. Then about 9 years ago we found Gizmo and before I knew it I
was in love again. We had to get Gizmo a friend...well he has lots of friends
now I guess you could has he has a hurum.
Doggys are go easy to love, they just love you like no one else can. Yorkies and
Maltese have this way
about giving all the love and kiss they have to give. They live to love you and
give their all to the ones they love

I'm now doing what I alway dreamed of doing, I'm showing one of my babys
and breeding out standing doggys.
I also love making web pages for my doggy friends to show off their cute baby.

I was an Maryland state EMT for 7 years and worked with the red cross for 6
of those years . Most of my volunteer work is now with the handicapped and
group homes.

My husdand helps me with the daycare and with the doggys, I don't think I
have seen a man love
doggys as much as he does, he loves to sit down and play with them for hours.
Lester made our doggy room with a little bit of help from me ( you can see it on
its a dogs life page.)
We have a boat and Lester loves to fish, and I like to crab, we always have fish
around here.
The doggys just love eatting those fish too.

As I said I have been doing daycare for 25 years and I
know dogs and children are alot a like, and they do mix well together, the
children learn how to respect and care for dogs and the dogs love and trust the
Small dogs can do well with children if the children are tought how to take care
of a small dog.
Most children want to pick them up to play with them like a toy, but that is not
the case at all !
We have a very nice thing going on here in my home with the dogs and children
growing up together.

Not one of my doggys are the same, they all do things their own way. I know
who likes what,
how they like things done. I know who did what and where they like doing
I tried to pick song that fit them on each of their pages, maybe it will help you
to know each of them.
Our dogs trust us and that trust must never be broken, they are the best friends
we will ever have.

They all make me so proud of them, I love them. I could not part with even
one of them.
I know you may have heard that alot from breeders, but in my case I'm really a
nut over mine.
If we take one out of town with us like to a dog show, well it goes to dinner in a
stroller or a pet bag.
Most people we meet don't seem to care that the little yorkie is there. 2 of our
yorkies have service paper because of out daughter  who just dose so well with
the yorkie beside her.

Thanks Lynda
I can only be the person my dogs think I am
All about us