These are Slys little boy pictures he is about 6
months old here
Sly's daddy is a Champion from
Brazi,. The owner of his dad dose not
his picture posted, So ifyou want to
see Sly pedgree just e-mail me.
Sly came to us a year old and a very short hair cut.
His hair is growing back in very nicely so it was time for new pictures. Sly is about 5 pounds and is a very nice maltese.
He likes everyone he meets even  puppies, he would not hurt a fly. Sly is a very Shy guy, but is getting more out going every
I think he is happy being here with all the other doggys
Sly has a outstanding blood line, I
hope to get them posted soon
Sly is now living with a
friend of mine Val, she lives
just down the road from us.
I still have his AKC papers
and all breeding rights