This is our Scarlett being funny she loves that chair!
Scatlett is named after a friend of ours.
I hope to get good pictures soon, soon as
I can get a little help doing it..
Our Gizmo and Gigi are Scarletts

Scarletts champion line consists of
Capri's, Trivar's,Rothby's,Carmate's
Clarkwyn's,Jentre's, Mayfair, Denaire,
Raynor's,Windamere,Jay Jay,
Edgewoods,Primrose, Bow Bell's,
Lordean's, Ladylair, Kay's,
Montclair, Hilcrest, Cambridge, Estugo,
Durrers, Mistangay's Pnderosa's and
Her Champion line consists of
Ozmillion, Can Dt, Nicknaks,Wildwein,
Int Hunderwood, Hilcrest, Pnderose,
Estugo's, Glenmere's, Rothby's, Jentre's,
Cambridge's, .

Her mom is from Germany and Champions
are no listed in the same way.
Am&Can Ch.Aero's, Am&Can Ch Durrer's,
Am&Can Ch Wildwein,

Can Ch Pastoral Johnny Handsome Champion
of Belgium, Lux, Netherland, Germany,
France, and American.

FCI world  champion EVER TROUBLE OF
This is Gee, the father to all 3 of our girls
Jasmine's mom Kashmir
Pictures of Scarletts mom Haley
Our Brea is Rubys Mom

Her Champion line consists of
Hilcrest, Cambrige, Estugo, Durrers,
Mistangay's Pnderosa's Wildweir,Denaire,
Clarkwyn's, Jentre's, Tiffany's, Mayfair
Lively's, Trivar's, Streamglen, Donbar,
Carnaby, Wynsippi's, and Eden Valley.
This is little Ruby
This is Brea she is Rubys mom
and you can see more of her
by just click on this picture
This is Jasmine all grown up.
She is about 4 and a half pounds
This is Scarlatt  all grown up, she hated getting this picture done my hand is
behide her, so her ears are down.....poor doggy had to get a picture