Boomer and Tori are so tried after all the fun
Boomer took 2 place at in his very 1st dog
show in Manasses Virginia on May 20th
Boomer is
6 months old
Boomer takes second at his second dog show
on 6/24/06 in Richmond Virginia.

I'm so proud of him !
thank you god for this great gift you gave me.
Boomer gets first place 3 times here in our home town in Southern Maryland on
6/30/06 , 7/1/06 and  7/3/06
Boomer stays cool on his ice pack, it
was almost 90 inside on this day
Lester , Boomer and I at the Southern Maryaland dog show
Boomer is still
just a baby, he
is only 7
months old
Boomer gets 2 first places in Roanoke VA on August 3rd and 4th
Boomer gets  first place at  Millwood Virgina on 9/30/06

Boomer takes first on 10/14/06 and a second on 10/15/06 at West Friendship Maryland

Boomer gets first and reserve winners at West Friendship Maryland on 11/24/06

Boomer take 2nd at Frederisksburg Virginia on 4/6/2007
I guess you could say Boomer is a under dog.
We did not buy him from a show person just so we could show a dog
He dose not have  champions  as parents, but dose come from a champion line.
Boomer came from our Harlea and he carrys the Montgomery name.
It would be so easy to just buy a dog from show parents and carry that breeders name if all we wanted was to be sure we would
have a champion dog. It would easy to pay a handler to do all the work to make him a champion. But thats not what we do, we
want to make Boomer all he can be as a Montgomery yorkie and on his own merits.  He is doing it all on his own, he gets all the

We believe in him and think he is a great yorkie we really hope he can become a champion and make all under dogs proud.

If he dose not make it, oh well he tried his little heart out for us all and I will still be a very proud parent.

So if you like the under dog say a big GO BOOMER ! and we thank you.
I have lots of e-mails asking
where I get Boomers shampoo.

Boomer shampoo comes from
PamMarks ( Susan Giles )
We hope her site will be up soon,
and we will have a link to her site.
Susan has been lots of help to
Boomer wins 2 second on 6/29/07 and 6/30/07, 1 first on 7/01/07  at Bel Alton Maryland.

Boomer gets second on 7/7/07 at West Friendship Maryland.
Boomer was doing great, by the age of 2 his hair did not get those little bloned stricks. He his hair must get the stricks like in his
face. If we lived close to FL he could have been a champoin, they don't mined the nice shinny black coat..
Boomer could walk the walk and talk the talk !  Here at doggoneyorkies we don't say we are something we are not, the truth and
only the truth.                                                         Thank you Chantel of Chantillylace yorkies for helping us with Boomer