Give me time to write  all I want to, this is going to
take days...lLOL
This was our flat, it was so cute
We had a nice court yard veiw, trust me it
could have been a view of the freeway
The very first thing we had to do was get sa New York pizza.
The cost for 1 large pizza 1 and 5 sodas $88.00. Nope we did not get
any more New York pizza..........LOL
Laura is a real planner, she want us to see everything
we could in our 2 day stay with her
Right down the street from Laura was Dylan's can shop. People will rent out the 2
story candy store to have birthday partys
Then it was time to get the tour bus. We spend about 10%
of out time on the tour buss. You could get off and get back
on the next one to come by
We stayed in this room maybe 5% of our time
Laura and I make friends with
the great lady
I just hate coats, but
let me tell you I was
not long putting my
sweater on.
It so cold up there,
you had to fight to
walk to the wind !
And when the wind
was behide you look
out for me !
Then it was off to the Empire State Building.
Yep we went all the way up.
This was part of our view
We even road the New York subway
Day 2 it was so cold and windy I had my
sweater and my coat on
This is on the side ladder 10, right next to ground 0.
There is no way to tell you about ground
It is just something you have to see.
This was the view from the boat going to see the lady
This killed me , 90% of all cars in New York or yellow taxis.
Then we see these taxi boat..............was so funny to me
Well done for today one more page to go, I had a great  time